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Lewis B. Cullman is one of this nation’s major and most generous philanthropists as well as an author. He has written a guide addressing the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of fundraising. How to Succeed in Fundraising by Really Trying is a free 18-page guide that offers practical advice to anyone asking for money for a worthy cause. Based on Cullman’s years of experience raising money as well as being asked for it, the booklet is a handy and plainspoken guide for anyone soliciting money for a charitable cause. Visit the website to download a free copy of the guide. 

The Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network engages and mobilizes millions of volunteers who are helping to solve serious social problems in thousands of communities. Their website provides links to programs focused on volunteer efforts, such as engaging families or seniors in volunteer activities. A resources section lists over 150 articles covering topics such as age appropriate service activities for various grade levels, creating a volunteer-friendly environment, tips for group volunteer projects and much more.

The Free Management Library provides easy-to-access, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations. Content is relevant to the vast majority of people, whether they are in large or small for-profit or nonprofit organizations. Each category has many topics, each with links to articles and other websites.

Examples of categories include:

The IRS recently announced IR-2006-179 - a formula for charities to use to receive a refund on telephone excise taxes paid. In May of 2006, the Treasury Department announced that it would stop collecting the federal excise tax on long-distance telephone service. Refunds will be paid for these excise taxes billed during the 41 months between February 28, 2003 and Aug. 1, 2006. Few charities took advantage of the refund because it was too complicated to demonstrate that the money was billed and paid. The burden outweighed the benefit. With this new formula, charities can benefit from the excise tax refund.

To request a refund, tax-exempt organizations must complete Form 8913, Credit for Federal Telephone Excise Tax Paid.

Visit the AFP Fundraising Resource Center for the latest research and information on fundraising and philanthropy. The site features questions from AFP members as well as FAQ's from the Foundation Center and the AFP website. Hyperlinks to many other pages provide information on a wide variety of topics including:

BoardSource is an organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening boards of directors. Their website has a comprehensive selection of material on nonprofit governance, including books, online tools, CDs and videos organized by topics such as recruitment and orientation, financial, fundraising, roles and responsibilities and others. BoardSource’s Knowledge Center has a variety of resources such as topic papers and articles, 150 frequently asked questions (and answers!) and much more. Some items are member-only content, but much is free.

Examples of questions include:

Tony Poderis is a development professional, author and speaker whose website is a great nonprofit fundraising resource. He offers free handouts to use for fundraising meetings and there is an extensive library of easy to read articles on many topics such as soliciting major gifts and setting up a capital campaign.  

CharityChannel  is a resource that connects nonprofit colleagues around the world. It is a place where nonprofit professionals can learn from each other, share information and work together to advance the cause of philanthropy. The members of CharityChannel offer advice, information, tips and articles for the benefit of the community. CharityChannel hosts dozens of public nonprofit discussion lists, offers e-newsletters, and provides updated news links, book reviews, interviews with newsmakers in the nonprofit sector, job postings, consultant listings and product/service listings. CharityUniversity offers live classes by telephone and on-demand classes via internet. A very modest subscription fee is requested using the honor system.

TechSoup Stock is an online product donation service that connects nonprofits with technology product donations from more than twenty leading providers. All products are available either for donation, or for prices that are deeply discounted just for nonprofits.

Idealware provides candid reviews and information about software of interest to nonprofits. The website offers product comparisons, recommendations, case studies, and software news. The “Reports and Articles” link gives you access to past issues of their newsletters and articles. Examples of articles include:

Discover Total Resources: A Guide for Nonprofits is an award-winning resource development guide for nonprofit organizations produced by Mellon Financial Corporation. Originally available only in hardcopy by written request to Mellon, the guide is now available online as a pdf. The purpose of the guide is to help you discover resources and techniques that are used effectively by a variety of nonprofits. It covers areas such as people, money, goods and services and includes information such as ways to develop a better board, tips on internal money management, income earning ideas and lists of resource books, directories and periodicals. 

The Verizon Foundation Resource Center provides online tools, guides, articles, reports and classes to assist nonprofits in many areas of interest. The classes are offered through partner agencies, with varying fees and many let you earn points for CFRE certification. The Resource Center covers Planning (strategic, market research, etc.), Technology, Communications (public relations, marketing, trademark protection, etc.), Fundraising, Recruitment (info on Board development and volunteers) and Evaluation.  

      Philanthropy News Digest (PND) is a great online resource made available by the Foundation Center. It provides all sorts of news articles which can be viewed by category (e.g., Animal Welfare, Arts & Culture, Health, etc.) They also have a calendar of events held across the country, several regular columns, links to other philanthropy sites, a biweekly newsletter, RFP bulletins, job postings and message boards. Check it out!

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